Endodontic Surgery (Apicoectomy)

Apicoectomy is a surgical root canal procedure.  “Apico” refers to the root end or apex and “ectomy” which means removal of.  It is an attempt to rid the root and or apex of infection which usually results from a failed root canal. Your Dentist or endodontist usually treats a grossly carious tooth with a root canal procedure. This procedure usually has a very high success rate. However in certain circumstances the procedure is not entirely successful. This could be due to peculiar root canal anatomy and morphology. In the apical third of roots there may be accessory or lateral canals and root curvatures that make traditional root canal successful. This may eventually lead to treatment failure or re-infection later on.

What are the indications for Apicoectomy:

1. Apical Infection: This usually manifests as a gum boil or frank swelling (abscess).

2. As an exploratory/ diagnostic procedure: To find  and remove fractured roots usually not seen on Xrays.

3. As a treatment option when a patient has a calcified root canal, making conventional root canal treatment impossible.

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