Financial Information

It has become increasingly difficult to estimate what amount insurance companies will pay for the performance of our services. Therefore, it is important that you check your own personal coverage prior to treatment. 

It is your responsibility to obtain the information necessary from your insurance companies, as there are many plans that may or may not allow coverage, or may involve deductibles.  It is impossible for this office to accurately interpret each individual plan, especially as it relates to any out of pocket costs until after your insurance company makes its final payment. This is why we strongly encourage you to call your insurance companies, or contact your Human Resources Dept., for assistance.  Please be aware of misinformation.

As a courtesy to our patients we make every effort to verify your benefits prior to any procedure.  We will try to answer any questions to the best of our ability.  If our office is unable to obtain eligibility of your coverage we have the right to ask for payment in full at the time of service.  Our office policy, in general, for out-of-network services is to request 50% down payment at the time the service is performed.  We will send out the insurance forms promptly on your behalf and any refunds due to you will be mailed promptly as well. 

After we receive payment from your insurance companies, any additional amounts owed will be your responsibility, and will be due upon receipt of a statement.  In circumstances where there is no consultation done at least one week prior to procedures, we may ask for the payment in full prior to treatment.  In the case of any overpayment, refund will be issued to the guarantor within 30 days of receipt of final payment from all insurance companies.

This office applies a finance charge for any overdue balance of 31 days or more.  The finance charge of 1.0% of the total amount owed, will be charged on the first day of the monthly billing cycle.  All submitted claims that are not paid by your insurance company within 60 days become the responsibility of the insured and will be billed accordingly.

Payment for all non-covered services, regardless of your insurance coverage, is expected at time of service.   The only exception would be if other payment arrangements have been made with our office beforehand.

For your convenience, we accept Cash, Personal check,Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as third party financing with low interest rates and flexible payment terms in the form of Care Credit payment plan options.  You may visit to inquire about affordable payment options.

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