Frenectomy Post-Op Instructions

 -Take your medications as directed (antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, and the Peridex, Afrin and Sudafed)

-Avoid smoking.

-Do not blow your nose for 2 weeks (this could create positive pressure which could spread air though confluent soft tissue planes, creating a soft tissue emphysema).

-Avoid sucking liquid through a straw (because this creates negative intra-sinus pressure).

-Try not to sneeze or cough, Otherwise it must be done with mouth open to decrease internal antral pressures.

-Some nasal bleeding (oozing of blood through the nose) may occur during the first day.

-Swelling, pain, and ecchymosis are expected at the surgical site.


-Place light pressure and ice on the surgical site. 15 minutes off, 15 minutes on. (Only for 24 hour period after surgery).

-Keep the head elevated. (First night the head should be elevated on two or more pillows. This will prevent airway obstruction, or aspiration of blood and heavy saliva, and will diminish edema).

-Liquid diet for 2 days (Carnation Instant Breakfast, Meritene and Ensure are recommended) then soft foods (the consistency of mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs) may be consumed following the second day and for at least 2 weeks (until the mucosal incision has closed completely).

-Do not wear any interim prosthesis for 2 weeks.

-Do not lift or pull on lip or cheek to look at sutures.

-You should be seen for postoperative check –up in one to two weeks.

-Do no brush or floss near the surgical site for a few days then very light brushing.


Call to notify us if:

  1. Your medications do not relieve discomfort.
  2. You have questions.

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