Sometimes, teeth don’t grow in as they should. When they fail to erupt, they are considered “impacted teeth”, a condition that’s usually caused by a lack of space or crowding in the mouth, or as a result of a positioning problem. Impacted teeth can create a functional as well as an esthetic problem during growth and development.

Clinical examination and x-rays are often used to diagnose an impacted tooth. At the office of Hunterdon Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Specialists, we will work to uncover the involved tooth to facilitate its eruption as well as to enable it to be brought into alignment by the orthodontist.

After the wisdom teeth, which are non-essential for your smile to function, the most commonly impacted teeth are the maxillary canines, or “eye teeth.” As the cornerstones of your smile, your canines provide essential support for your facial contours and play a vital role in oral function.  If it’s determined that a canine is impacted, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon will perform a minor surgical procedure to expose and bond an orthodontic bracket its surface. With the attachment of an elastic chain or other type of ligature to the tooth, your orthodontist provides care to gradually bring the tooth into alignment.

An expose and bond procedure can also be performed when other teeth fail to erupt as well such as in the case of a front tooth that is blocked by a supernumerary, or extra tooth. As a trained and experienced provider of care, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon will partner with your dentist or orthodontist to coordinate a treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of your case.

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