Inhalation Anesthesia is a type of sedative medication used for short oral surgery procedures, such as baby tooth removal, suturing of lacerations and the biopsy of oral lesions. Unlike other sedatives, Inhalation Anesthesia is completely painless, as it does not require injections as a means of administration.

What happens when Inhalation Anesthesia are applied?

Inhalation Anesthetics are administered through an anesthesia machine, which mixes oxygen, anesthetics and air and delivers it to the patient. Like general forms of anesthesia, a patient who has had inhalation anesthesia will fall unconscious and not register pain signals during any surgical procedures. Meanwhile, the patient’s vital signs will be continuously monitored, by Dr. Olawoye and his trained staff, using BP monitoring, Oxygen saturation measurement, EKG, Sedation Stethoscope (with Blue tooth technology) and capnography.

Why should I choose Inhalation Anesthesia?

The benefits of Inhalation Anesthesia are especially important for children, who are often afraid of needles. Inhalation Anesthesia avoids the negative stigma of painful injections, ensuring that the surgical procedure is completed and your child has no recollection of the event.

Inhalation Anesthesia’s painless administration makes minor surgeries much easier for you and your kids. Dr. Olawoye is the only oral surgeon in the local area who offers Inhalation Anesthesia. He is one of the leaders in maxillofacial reconstruction and dental implantology and was chosen as New Jersey’s top dentist for 2014. Schedule a consultation and/or appointment today by calling (908) 788-6475.