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What is Inhalation Anesthesia?

Inhalation Anesthesia is a type of sedative medication used for short oral surgery procedures, such as baby tooth removal, suturing of lacerations and the biopsy of oral lesions. Unlike other sedatives, Inhalation Anesthesia is completely painless, as it does not require injections as a means of administration. What happens when Inhalation Anesthesia are applied? Inhalation […]

Will Wisdom Teeth Someday Become Obsolete?

Most people are familiar with third molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”.  It is usually suggested that a young adult entering the “age of wisdom” have any existing wisdom teeth removed prior to developing any problems. Because most people’s mouth do not have room for these third sets of molars, the remaining wisdom teeth […]

Dentures – The End of An Era

You may have heard the term “edentulous”, a term that describes someone that has no teeth. Incredibly, more than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth. Despite advances in dentistry, this number is expected to grow in the next two decades along with an aging baby boomer generation. Tooth loss commonly results from decay […]